Relapse to Dream

Art = Struggling

Moving Forward

Well, it took me enough years, but I’m finally moving forward with my life. About goddamn time, that’s for sure… About a year ago, I had contacted a few colleges … Continue reading

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In Search Of A Light…

There has got to be a light at the end of this dark tunnel I’ve been going down lately… If you thought I was already traveling downhill at warp speed … Continue reading

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Absence, Illness And The Universe At Large

  Let’s clear something up right now… I am a nerd… Or that’s how most people would see it, anyway.  I love watching the Science Channel… especially the programs about … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Fan Art…

 When all else fails, resort to the dreaded fan art… I believe this is the longest I’ve been in the grips of an artist’s block and I’m beginning to find … Continue reading

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A Lack Of Vision

My apologies for the gruesomeness today… For some time now I’ve been having something of an artistic block, a lack of vision. Sometimes when this happens, I revamp some of … Continue reading

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I Stress; Therefore I Am…

A friend asked me to draw up a tattoo concept for her, the one you see here. I was a bit leery… I had never drawn a tattoo idea up … Continue reading

August 28, 2013 · 2 Comments

Musical Inspiration

Years ago, I had gotten the inspiration for a drawing while listening to the Genesis tune “The Last Domino” (the revamped version is what you see here). Music has always … Continue reading

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